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Launch Pad Shows Opportunity Zones’ Potential

Aiming to maximize the impact of the Opportunity Zones incentive, Driscoll is getting heavily involved with developing communities as a means to rejuvenate the entire country. With fellow Silicon Valley veteran Chris Schultz, she founded Launch Pad to create coworking spaces that bring innovators together.

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We Believe In Opportunity Zones. Here’s Why You Should Too.

Maintaining an unwavering commitment to the spirit of OZs for the equitable revitalization of distressed communities will be critical to their long term success.

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Opportunity Zones' Biggest Myths

Opponents of the legislation, argue that Opportunity Zones will benefit investors more than communities and pour fuel on to the flames of gentrification. To resolve some of this discrepancy between local excitement and national concern, let’s address some of the most common misconceptions about Opportunity Zones.

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