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Revitalizing Inner City Newark through Collaboration

Baraka believes that further success will come from Opportunity Zones. He points out that “there are whole communities that have been disinvested in since WWII,” when a steady migration out of America’s inner cities and into the suburbs began. This lack of capital continually poses a formidable challenge for distressed communities seeking to implement innovative economic development policies.

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Case Study: From ‘Dead Zone’ To Teachers Village

When Beit paid a visit to a Newark charter school in 2008 he was blown away by “the energy of the teachers and the energy of the students.” But some of those educators were working six days a week, with hours-long commutes. With studies finding a relationship between commute times, well-being and job satisfaction, and urban schools suffering from higher rates of teacher turnover, it’s not hard to imagine how housing costs and commute times take a toll on Newark’s school system.

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