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Main Street Meets Opportunity Zones In Brigham City

For years the Union Block building haunted Main Street in Brigham City, Utah. It was “sucking air out of the town,” Donna Walker says. “It sat there for about three years or so, vacant.”

But the Walkers aren’t bulldozing the 127-year-old building. Instead, they’re restoring it. “You just can’t doze it and put something else up and expect to have the same sense of community,” says David.

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Newark: A Model for Equity and Collaboration

Glover says that if done right, the potential for opportunity zones in Newark is huge, especially if the legislation is combined with other equitable development strategies. “The New York City metropolitan area has the largest and most diverse work pool in the country,” she explains, “and there’s $4.7 billion in development already underway.” These features will help attract some of the capital unleashed by Opportunity Zone tax incentives.

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