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We Have to Become the Change We Hope to See

“There is a dire need and huge void to be filled for economic development, affordable housing, and a lot to be served in these areas of society,” Harris explains. By advocating for community investment, he brings institutional issues to light insisting that the “racial wealth gap needs to be addressed in conjunction with investment into these communities, not separate.” 

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Revitalizing Inner City Newark through Collaboration

Baraka believes that further success will come from Opportunity Zones. He points out that “there are whole communities that have been disinvested in since WWII,” when a steady migration out of America’s inner cities and into the suburbs began. This lack of capital continually poses a formidable challenge for distressed communities seeking to implement innovative economic development policies.

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Mayor Tubbs Wants To Invest In People, Directly

Now Tubbs — the youngest mayor ever elected to a major American city when he took office at 26 — is leading a renaissance in Stockton, focused on three core initiatives: a guaranteed basic income, scholarships and opportunity zones. Tubbs hopes these initiatives will show Stockton’s youth that they cannot only be successful in their hometown, but thrive. 

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