By partnering with the Sorenson Impact Center on The Catalysts, we’re recognizing and rewarding the promising first-movers poised to mobilize significant investment towards distressed communities across the country. As a leading voice in entrepreneurship, investing, and responsible capitalism, Forbes’ aims to bring the clarity, community, and strategy needed to solve the pressing financial challenges in these areas and harness the incredible potential these Opportunity Zones have to offer.
— Steven Bertoni, OZ Summit Founder, Vice President & Senior Editor of Forbes
By launching The Catalysts, we hope to spur the types of community-centered, community-led investments needed to transform neighborhoods, that have historically been left behind or neglected, into thriving, economically-viable localities. I firmly believe the Opportunity Zones Incentive holds more transformative potential than any social policy we’ve seen in modern times, perhaps even more so than The New Deal.
— Jim Sorenson, Founder of the Sorenson Impact Center