On OZs Potential


“Once you can find great companies that support entrepreneurship in these zones, what we end up seeing is that they result in more jobs, other companies getting spawned, more interesting development within the community and a much more sustainable economy.”

Anne Driscoll

Launch Pad


“We have a great population of people that are really passionate about their communities. If we empower those folks and give them the resources they need, I think they could single-handedly transform this city.”

Ras Baraka

Mayor of Newark, NJ


“People are discovering this meaningful and impactful way to put their own money into their own community, and it is completely changing the dynamic across the country. The legislation has awakened the way people are thinking about their money and community resources.”

Ross Baird

Founder of Blueprint Local


“We should really see a stronger, healthier, more prosperous city. We should also see an increase in the number of investments that are not just flowing into a particular deal, but into the neighborhoods where we can have clear and measurable impact.”

Aisha Glover

President and CEO of Newark Alliance


“When I think about the work of opportunity zones, I think about how we use this framework to unlock and to smash barriers to capital. We need to finally give people the access to networks and capital that they sorely need.”

Cheryl Dorsey

President of Echoing Green


“We care about investing in distressed communities and the opportunity zones legislation is built around just that.”

J.D. Vance

Author of New York Times Bestselling Memoir, Hillbilly Elegy & Managing Partner at Rise of the Rest Seed Fund


“If we can truly get local investors engaged with this tool, it is going to have a 10-year life cycle that continuously sees the growth of local capital networks throughout the life of the program.”

Alex Flaschbart

President and CEO of Opportunity Alabama


“Opportunity zones allow people who believe in the free market, entrepreneurship, and capital to put their money where their mouth is and invest in communities that haven’t seen the same levels of success.”

Mayor of Stockton, CA


“Opportunity zone potential rests in its ability to reconnect communities and capital markets. It provides a powerful nudge for investors to think differently about where and how they invest, and to look for opportunities in communities that they typically have not sought after.”

John Lettieri

President and CEO of Economic Innovation Group


“At the Beeck Center, we came up with an Opportunity Zones impact reporting framework in partnership with the U.S. Investing Alliance. We are seeing amazing adoption stories across the country on different stakeholders using that as a tool to really align towards impact intentionality.”

Jennifer Collins

Fellow-in-residence for Opportunity Zones

Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation at Georgetown University


“We are rediscovering great American cities that have been hubs of industry and economic activity. This legislation is catalyzing interest in these parts of the country to increase market capital flow.”

Chris Schultz

CEO and Founder of Launch Pad